Facebook LIVE – Should YOU be doing it?

For many of you that follow me, you know that I am currently doing a 30 day LIVE Challenge on my business page, that was given to me by my Mastermind Coach, Fay Chapple.

The whole idea is that we need to provide value and be consistent in getting ourselves out there.  What is actually AMAZING about this, is the interaction that has been created!!  Between the likes/comments/shares, my stats have increased, within the last 7 days:

  • Daily reach has increased by 114%
  • Post Engagement has increased by 69%
  • Page Likes have increased by 56%
  • Page Views have increased by 35%
  • My videos have been seen by over 5,000 people

Soooooooo my question to you is “Why are you not doing Live videos?”

I think I know the answer to this question:

  • It is out of your comfort zone
  • You will make too many errors, stumble on your words
  • You don’t know what to say
  • Worried that nobody will watch you live

Okay…….let’s address these concerns:

  • Baby steps – Start with small videos and grow them as you push yourself out of your comfort zone
  • We want YOU to be real, to be YOU, so just let it happen and laugh at when you stumble (I do it all the time)
  • What can you say?
    • Reach out to your clients, your audience, your friends and ask them for some ideas of what they would be curious to learn about
    • Talk about different tips that can help them
    • Do some “food for thought” around words and what they mean
    • Show yourself out networking
    • Talk about quotes that resonate with you and why
    • What events are coming up
    • How do you keep motivated/inspired
    • How do you organize your life
    • Show them some of your daily rituals (like walks)
  • I do my Live videos first thing in the morning and I MIGHT get 1 person but I don’t worry about it because the videos are recorded and people will watch later when they have time

There!!  I have taken away your excuses, so go out there, make a commitment and start doing some Live videos.  I am challenging YOU to do one week (YES, only 7 days) to get your feet wet.

P.S.  I would love for you to reach out to me and share what your stats are when that week is over 🙂

Guest Blog: Back Up Your Data: It’s Easy I Promise

Did you know that Diet Coke and your laptop aren’t best friends? I learned that the hard way but so have others. Most recently I received a call from a business client whose son dumped milk onto the laptop.

As you can imagine he was very anxious. All his business information was on that computer. Quotations, accounting, pictures from job sites … The list goes on.

Within the first minute of the conversation I heard a huge sigh of relief. See we had set up a back up system to protect his data. In point of fact he actually knew this but this was his first time he needed to rely on it.

I told him that in all likely hoods the computer was done but the data was fine. He went out and picked up a new computer. He logged onto his account with the back up provider and restored all his data on to the new computer.  While it did take a few hours to manage the situation that was a minor blip compared to losing all his hard work.

Don’t get caught. If you are a business think about the impact on your business.

And it’s not just businesses that should back up their data. How many photos are on your computer that you never got around to printing? What about all that music you have collected over the years? Your resume or even personal letters? What would it feel like if you lost it all?

So what is a back up? A back up is a copy of your data that is held on a different device (or cloud) that is not your computer. You can back up your data by simply copying folders and files and pasting them onto a thumb drive or external drive. These are types of hardware that can store data. Some of them come with software that will allow you to schedule your back up. You can also pay for a cloud based service. You download some software and it automatically backs up your data to the cloud (servers located elsewhere). These services are cheap insurance for most people.  You can assume around $60 a year. There are some free options too for pictures and music.

Why go through the gut wrenching stress when something goes terribly wrong with your computer. Back up your data regularly!

If you have any questions then please reach out. There are no stupid questions so go ahead and ask.

Meredith Skinner

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