How do you create a presence on Facebook?

Focus on “selling yourself”.

I am here to help you make a difference with your Facebook presence, through training, business page creation/revamp, consultations and managing of business pages.

Facebook is different than the other social media sites and it is important that you understand that it is about networking, building relationships and building your business through the connections you make.


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I had the opportunity to watch Tammy at one of her seminars.. I had a big list of to do items that night.. But after a while I realize that having an expert to review my page was a better idea.. So Tammy was just there for me.. She did an excellent job to revamp my business page.. Totally awesome job.. Not only she created a great cover photo and behind the scene jobs but also gave me 3 page of her __secret tips and suggestions_ so; if you are looking for an expert in her field Tammy is your individual to go. And believe me you want to see Tammy’s –secret list–…Bayzar Imast

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