Why, oh why, so many recruiting messages

Well…..this one is going to be a touchy subject and I might actually upset some people, BUT I believe this is important to get out there.

Are you sending private messages to people on Facebook and trying to recruit them?  Do you understand what type of message this is actually sending to those reading it?  Do you know how people are reacting to it?  Do you know what this is doing for the company you represent?

Here is some food for thought:

  • I don’t know you
  • I have never had a conversation with you
  • I might already be a Rep
  • I might already purchase the product from someone else
  • I might know people in the industry and IF I decide I want to join, would I not consider those I have already connected with?
  • I may have had a bad experience with your product

Now think about this:

  • Talk to me
  • Get to know me
  • Look through my profile and see if you can figure out who I know, what I do, what I believe in
  • Maybe look and see if I have a business page and go look at it, to see what I do
  • Network with me
  • Learn about me
  • Ask me if I already know someone in the same business as you

What could be going through my head:

  • I don’t know you
  • I have no idea what type of Leader you would be
  • I know nothing about your successes which to me, is important to see if I would want to work with you
  • I don’t believe you have any real interest in me and who I am
  • You care only about building a team, whether it is successful or not
  • It is in your best interest, not mine

So moving forward, I would like to suggest that you spend the time getting to know someone, build a relationship with them, understand what makes them tick, what their passions are, what their interests are, what products they like to use, what their regular routine is AND then you can approach them.

3 thoughts on “Why, oh why, so many recruiting messages

  1. This actually surprises me that people do this. I have had many people join my team, and I very rarely work at that. I would never just ask someone I barely known to join my team. That seems weird.


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