Who are YOU on Facebook?

I know that this can be a touchy subject, but I feel it is important to address.  As a small business owner using Facebook to build my business, I think about how my audience is going to see me.  What that means is thinking about what I put out on my personal timeline, what I post on my business page, what I post in groups and how I comment on other people’s posts.

To me, it is important that I reflect myself as someone who wants to learn, be inspired, be motivated but also someone who is knowledgeable in what I have to offer, is inspiring for others, motivates others to be the best they can be, teach people, and make connections for others to continue to grow.

Having said that, what needs to be talked about is the message that small business owners make in the world of Facebook.

  • Promoting your business on other business owners’ posts
  • Posting statuses that are negative
  • Getting involved in political debates
  • Commenting with negativity on other people’s posts
  • Starting arguments that are left better unsaid

I think it is important that you decide how you want to work Facebook, is it for personal or for business?  If it is for business, have you thought about the perception you are putting out there?  Have you thought about how this could affect your growth?  Have you thought about how your potential clients are seeing you?

Now please know, I am not saying you can’t have an opinion, you can’t have political beliefs, religious beliefs; you just need to determine if Facebook is the place for it when you are trying to build a business.  You need to make a decision on how you want to build your business and how your potential and current clients will see you.

I know that some of you will not agree with me and that is okay….I just wanted to give you some food for thought, especially when trying to build your business.

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