Giving MORE

How are you giving more with your business?  What are you doing to attract NEW potential clients and keeping your existing clients engaged?

For those who do follow me, you will know that I have been doing a 7 Day Facebook Challenge for Business Pages as a FREE service.  This was a great opportunity for me to meet some new potential clients but also give more to my current clients.  It was an opportunity for me to showcase another element of why I am the Facebook Expert (YES, we should all be doing things that establish us as the expert)!

I also have a FREE Facebook Business Page Blueprint that can be downloaded, again giving tips on how to use your business page.  I provide free tips on my business page, I do guest blogging, regular guest on Rogers TV, write for Powerful Women Magazine, do podcasts, ALL encompassing more tips on how to use Facebook to create a presence.

By incorporating these elements into my overall business, it continues to build my clientale, to establish me as a Facebook Expert, to advertise my services to a larger audience and in turn, generating more business.

It’s YOUR time to start thinking about how you can give more to your clients, potential clients, and start growing to a different level.

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