How do you create a presence?

When we talk about creating a presence, this can encompass many different elements,  BUT the main key factor here, is that creating a presence means SELLING YOURSELF.

Selling yourself to others instead of focusing on selling your business will make the difference you have been searching for.  We are so inundated with people trying to sell us their product/service that we now turn a blind eye to them.  When we focus on just being ourselves, we start to build relationships that lead to the like/trust/know factor.  When people like you, trust you and know you, they are more willing to look at what you have to offer and even refer you to their friends.

There are many ways you can sell yourself, whether it be in social media or in person.  Talk to people, share ideas, ask questions, be inspirational, be personable, be genuine, be real.  Share some of your personal journey, share your achievements, share your laughter, share your smile, just be YOU.

When attending networking events, instead of trying to sell your business to someone, why don’t you “listen” to what they have to say?  Why not ask them questions about them, who they are, about their family, about their business?  We all love when someone shows interest in who we are, so embrace it.  Take the time to get to know someone, build a relationship.

For working on social media, you can apply the same concept here.  Facebook is a true “social” site which means people want us to get to know them, they want to build relationships, they want to know who you are and learn from you.  They want to feel inspired, they want to know that there is an ear for them.

Let’s change the world of Facebook, as business owners, and start selling ourselves!!

P.S.  I am not saying you can’t promote your business (I do all the time) BUT you need to start selling yourself as well as your business.  If you build it, they will come……

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