Facebook Personal Profile

How do you work your Facebook Personal Profile?  Is it just for your family and close friends?  Are you promoting your business?  Are you growing your friends’ list?

A few years back, I made a decision that I would utilize my personal profile to build my business, along with my Business Page.  I started accepting friend requests from people that I “technically” did not know, people I was networking with inside groups, people who got my name through a friend.  I started promoting other businesses along with my own.  For me, this made a huge impact on my business as well as developing/building relationships with people I may not have met otherwise.

Here are couple of tips to keep in mind when building your personal profile:

  • When you receive a friend request, MAKE SURE to creep the person first
    • How long have they been on Facebook?
    • How many friends/mutual friends do they/you have?
    • What are they posting on their wall?  (Of course, this depends on their privacy settings and what they are showing)
    • Is there a link to their business page?  If yes, go check out their page.
    • Is it a widowed man, in the Army, with a daughter?  Chances are this is a fake account
  • Share your posts from your Business Page, once or twice a week, to your personal timeline
  • Do some statuses that talk about your personal life to the degree you are willing to share
  • Do “strategic” type statuses that talk about your business BUT don’t technically talk about your business
    • For example:  I try to do a Monday post that talks about what I have planned for the week.  In each of these posts, I will have talked about my business 2-4 times, as well as incorporating some personal
  • Share your success on your personal timeline
    • Talk about when you are nominated for an award
    • Talk about when you are speaking at a Conference or Networking Event
    • Talk about when you sign a new person to your team
    • Talk about your success, because PEOPLE want to work with SUCCESSFUL people

Growing your business on Facebook can incorporate your personal profile, it doesn’t just have to be your Business Page.

Embrace it!!

P.S.  Send me a friend request 

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