Doing Business Posts on your Business Page

When doing business posts for your Facebook Business Page are you trying to target everyone?

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is that they do “generic” type business posts and ultimately they are not hitting the perfect target market for them.  You need to take the time to understand who your target market is before creating your business posts.

Go for a walk to the park, with paper and pen in hand, and find a relaxing place to sit and think.  Start writing down who you believe is your target market and ALL the elements that make this group up.  For example:  Are they Moms; Small Business Owners; where do they live; how many children do they have; what are their hobbies/interests; what is their annual income.

You may find as you are doing this task, that you have more than one target market, and that is okay;  Real Estate Agents may have newlyweds, growing families, empty nesters.  If you have more than one target market, make sure to do a detailed list for each one.

Once you have established your target market, you want to pull out the KEY words that make this special group up, to use in your business posts.  When these key words are utilized, it will draw attention to your post by that specific market.

Do 2-3 specific business posts, per week, on your business page, to attract those you are looking for.  If you are in direct sales/MLM business, you may want to think about doing a post about customers, business opportunity and hostesses.

Start thinking outside the box and be specific about who you are targeting.

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