How do you build online?



One of the biggest mistakes I see in the world of Facebook, is that people are constantly promoting their business, over and over again.  We never see anything else from them, just their business.  Do you know what this is potentially doing for you?  People are hiding you in their news feeds as they don’t want to only see your business posts.  Facebook is a social site and people want to know who you are, what you are up to in your life, they want to get to know you.

This also happens in groups, way too many times.  Have you thought about doing some networking within these groups?  Maybe even some interaction on other members’ posts.  Ask questions, share your ideas, share motivational quotes, share some humour… people who you are.

I am believer that if we focus on selling ourselves, we can grow a successful business.  If we focus on building relationships, people then pay attention to our business posts.  Let people see who you are, let them get to know you.

I am not telling you to reveal all your personal secrets but you need to give a little as people buy from those who they like and trust.  If you are only promoting your business, then do they really get to know you to like and trust you?

If you are on my friends’ list, you will see that I do a variety of elements on my personal timeline.  I talk about my business, what I am up to, where I am going, some posts about my kids (within reason) and incorporate motivational elements where I can.  I have built a network of people who do like and trust me, because I sold ME.

Are you ready to embrace this world, are you ready to build a business online?  Then take some pointers and start selling yourself.

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