Not again?

Scrolling through your news feed and thinking “are they promoting their product/services AGAIN?”

Here’s the thing, everyone gets caught up in trying to compete for space in news feeds BUT if you are promoting your business ALL THE TIME, people are going to “unfollow/hide” you.

So how can you get your business out without feeling like you are constantly promoting?

  • Start blogging and post them on your business page (be sure to check out my other blog posts to see what I blog about)
  • Do posts around tips that can help your followers
  • Teach them something
  • Post pictures of when you are at networking events, or out in the community
  • Create FREE downloads (people love FREE and they won’t think you are promoting your business)
  • Post when you are going to be doing a speaking engagement
  • Run some fun contests

Think about what you like to see come through your news feed and start implementing some of those ideas.  I, personally, FILL news feeds BUT I provide a variety of elements, so then it is not perceived that I am constantly trying to get people to purchase my product(s) or use my services.

Food for thought……..

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