Are you doing contests?

Have you thought about running a contest on your Facebook business page to bring you more visibility?

I just finished running a contest that was giving away one of my Facebook Online Training Packages, so it was geared towards small business owners and wanted to share the stats that went along with it:

  • I had 3,345 people reached
  • There were 19 shares
  • 44 people who entered
  • There were a total of 188 reactions
  • 297 post clicks

I have to admit, I was pretty happy with these results as it got me some visibility with people who were not already a fan of my page and who have not been following me.

I ran the contest for 4 days, which included time over the weekend, so yes, quite happy with the results.

Be sure to watch my video on how to do contests so you can start bringing more attention to your business page.

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