Creating your Presence, what does it mean?

What does “creating your presence” really mean?

It means:

  • Building relationships
  • Networking
  • Interaction
  • Showcasing
  • Asking questions
  • Being consistent
  • Promoting your business

Creating your presence consists of a variety of elements that ultimately will lead you to business.  If we focus ONLY on selling our products/services, then people will start running from us.  They want to get to know YOU, they want to build relationships with YOU, they want to connect with YOU, they want to learn from YOU, they want to be motivated by YOU, they want to be inspired by YOU!!

BUT, how do I create a presence?

  • Within Social Media (especially Facebook), find groups that have a “true” networking element to them and start talking in them
  • Share different tips, tricks, ideas, with your Social Media audience, give them VALUE
  • Be inspiring, motivate people, share your knowledge
  • Go to different networking groups, that meet in person, and start building
  • Find out what others need to be successful in their business and determine if you can help them
  • Focus on building the “like/know/trust” factor
  • Be consistent in what you do, don’t randomly appear

I have been focusing on creating my presence for the last 9 years and have built some amazing relationships that I value.  We work together in building our businesses, in sharing our knowledge, helping each other, referring each other BECAUSE we focused on creating a presence that leads to the “like/know/trust” factor.

Start creating your presence TODAY!!!

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