Visual Impact

When working in the world of Social Media, it is important to add visual elements to your posts.  When people are scrolling through their news feeds, they tend to be drawn to the visual first before reading the actual post.

So creating visual has to be fun, inviting, curious, attractive.  It has to draw the person in.  What I have noticed, especially in Facebook, is that people are drawn to photos of us, YES, us.  So, why not embrace this element and have a variety of photos taken of yourself?

You can use these photos to promote any quotes you love, tips you have, services you are selling, etc.  The impact of these visuals is what will draw their attention to read what you have written.

You can use or even Powerpoint, to create the visuals by uploading your photo, adding text and branding it to your business colours, etc.

Here is a sample of a poster that I created, using Powerpoint, that has one of my quotes/thoughts on it.  The visual element will draw you in because I look a little funny, right?


So have fun with it, be creative and get people reading your posts in Social Media.

P.S.  If you have Powerpoint and are unsure how you can use it to create the posters, be sure to check out my Powerpoint Webinar for ONLY $20!!

Sign up for my Powerpoint Webinar and start creating today!!


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