GUEST BLOGGER: Fuel the Body By: Haven Kramer

As small business owners, our lives can get very busy. From running our businesses to making time for our families. That is why it is important for us to fuel our bodies with the right amount of nutrients to keep our energy up in relation to the amount of activity we do throughout the day. This article talks about ways to fuel the body to keep our energy up as small business owners so we can perform our best. To fuel our bodies, a combination of exercise and the right nutrition is required.

Exercise is needed so we can train our body to handle the amount of physical activity we do. That should be one of the main reasons why we exercise. With exercise, we strengthen our bodies muscularly and our cardiovascular system. This in turn allows our body to adapt to our busy lifestyle so we have enough energy throughout the day. If we do not exercise, our bodies may not be able to handle the physical stress that being a business owner has.

In correlation with exercise, nutrition is just as important. Without proper nutrition, our bodies will not be able to recover from all the physical activity business owners do in a day. The number of calories and nutrients we need differs from person to person. One person may need X amount of calories and nutrients while another person will need Y amount of calories and nutrients. In a previous blog of mine called Diet vs Diet, I talked about how the majority our diet needs to be healthy meals if we want to become healthy individuals. The same applies to business owners. With business owners, it is important for us to eat small portioned meals more frequently than having big meals less often. This will help ensure us that we have enough energy in the day.

The combination of exercise and proper diet is key for any person who owns a business. As said before, exercise will strengthen our body so we can do our activities with ease. Our diet will ensure us that we have enough energy to do those activities. Doing both will allow us to be successful business owners. If  you ask me, exercise and proper nutrition is the only way to fuel the body.

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