Italy here I come!

I am excited to be heading out to Italy on May 20th with my Mastermind Group!!  The trip will be fun but we are also incorporating some business elements into it.  I guess I never thought about how you can take a trip and incorporate business ideas while you are there, thank you Fay Chapple for getting us to think outside the box!!

While I am there, I am going to be:

  • Speak to some small business owners to find out how they use Social Media, specifically Facebook.  I want to learn how they market, what the impact is to their business, their best advice and ultimately, do they really embrace the world of Social Media
  • I am going to be recording a 4 video part series, that I can use when I get back, to help me launch my Facebook Online Training into the International market.  The idea is to create this series and put it out as a FREE opt-in that provides them with some Facebook tips, experiences of some of my clients, what the opportunity is that I can provide to help small business owners build and ending with the “sale” video.
  • Photos that captured Italy and myself of course lol, that I can use on my business page as well for sponsored Ads.  Pictures that will capture the attention of the audience.

I love the idea of doing these elements and will consider it when I do any other travel, such a great way to bring more to our business and visuals.

Food for thought……

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