It’s time……

I have not written in awhile and I could give you an excuse but there is not one….just me slacking lol

I admit, that with what I put out online, I sometimes struggle with finding new content (hence why I look for Guest Bloggers).  So, today, I am going to talk about changes.

I have been going through a change in the last 6 months of making a decision to semi-retire to BC.  This meant that I had to decide what I wanted to continue working and what I needed to give up.  I ultimately decided that I am only going to be focusing on my Social Media business.  I will continue to provide all my services, provide tips, ideas, etc., has it is what I truly love and it allows me to work from anywhere.  I think I am most passionate about teaching how to use Facebook to build a business, so will be incorporating more Zoom Facebook Training sessions as I will be limited on where and when I can do it in person.

With this change, will come more changes but at this time, unsure of what they will be.  I know that at some point, I will want to do more, so maybe it will be creating a business that allows me to incorporate my hiking and photography, who knows.  What I do know, is this is the right decision for me.  I want to take some time to truly enjoy the outdoors, to be free to embrace what surrounds me, to make some new connections and to build on my relationship with my boyfriend.

Life is too short and we have to do what makes us happy.  Yes, there are some consequences that come with this change, like leaving my children.  But they are 23 and 21 and are starting their own lives, so I know they will be okay without Mom right here (plus I will only be a 4 1/2 hr flight away).  My children have given me 100% support and I am truly grateful for them and their encouragement to do something for myself.

Each step I take will bring something new into my life, some positive, some negative, and I am ready to take it all on.  I am ready to for this next part of my life because when you are in your 50’s, you soon realize that life is slipping away quicker than before.

So, reach inside your heart and soul and find what makes you excited to get up every day and embrace it!!


2 thoughts on “It’s time……

  1. Dear Tammy, you are so right. Life is short and you never know when it can be drastically altered and you wish you had done more. Enjoy and thank you for still including us as Face Book business learners. 50! You are 50! Lol Much love, Lindy


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