Business Etiquette on Social Media

So some of you may not agree with me on this, but that’s okay, we all have our own personal thoughts and opinions 🙂

Business Etiquette on Social Media??  What is your first thought?  What makes you question how others conduct themselves on Social Media, when they are a business owner?

I do have many thoughts around this subject and know that I have been using Social Media (specifically Facebook) for about 9 years now for business, so I definitely have seen it all lol

As a small business owner, I want people to:

  • Respect me
  • Believe that I have something of value
  • That I am fun to work with
  • That I work towards my goals
  • That I work hard
  • I help and support others
  • I inspire others
  • I respect other people’s businesses
  • I refer other businesses (including my “competitors” technically)
  • I won’t overpost another business owner who is in the same field as me
  • I won’t steal a potential client from someone

Ultimately, how you conduct yourself on Social Media, will be a reflection of how you are as a business owner.  I want you to take a minute and ask yourself “When I am looking for a potential business to purchase or use their services, what are the main things that will draw me in to what they have to offer me?”

When you ask yourself this question, it will help you to understand how you should be when working your business, even from a personal standpoint.  Clients are always watching, so be careful on what you vent about, what politics you support/vent about, what opinions you have, how you promote your business.  I am NOT saying that you need to change who you are BUT when you are a business owner, Social Media is too open for people to see who/what you represent, especially if you are adding possible clients/customers to your friend’s list.

Suggestion:  Create a separate personal profile/account that you can use that you can have the freedom to express yourself and keep it completely separate from your business.

P.S.  You know when you go shopping at a store in your town, odds are you don’t know much about their personal life, their views, yet you love the service they provide you, so you continue to support them.  BUT that could change if you found out a little too much about their opinions on a subject that is dear to your heart.  So time to truly think about how you are representing your business online.

P.S.S.  I did a video quite awhile ago about Business Etiquette based on feedback from other business owners, worth the listen 🙂


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