But, what is success?

We all want success right?  But, what is success?

We live in a world that believes that success is measured by money, by the material things that we have, but the reality is that success should be measured by what each one of us wants.

If I was to measure myself based on what my competitors are doing, then I guess I am not doing a very good job of reaching success because I don’t make the money that the top social media people make.  I don’t have the following of the masses that allows me to launch a new program and sell 10,000 of them in one day.

BUT for me, that is NOT success.  Success for me is being able to live a good life, to provide for my family, to be able to travel, to live, to be recognized by those who have built relationships with me, to be referred by people who believe in what I have to offer.

To reach the dollar value that is expected by society, is not something that I feel I can reach because of the current world we live in.  Let me explain.  We are now living in a technology world, social media world, and I don’t have the thousands of dollars to invest each month into getting my name out there.  I don’t have the money to invest in Google to push me to the top.  I don’t have the money to invest in Social Media Ads that are going to reach the masses.  I can afford to invest my time in building relationships online, in person through networking and in smaller Ads to reach a minimal number of people.  This means that if I can’t reach the masses then how can I become someone like a Tony Robbins?

My success is because of those who follow me, trust me, refer me, who purchase my products/services because they know that I provide valuable content, that I teach them how they can work towards success at a level they can achieve.  I don’t sell the possibility of bringing you to success of making more than a 6 figure income, I sell the reality that for us small business owners, we achieve the success that we can achieve.

I know that my content is valuable and I know that I can help others, but reaching and selling that to the masses is not an easy task because they don’t know me, they haven’t met me, they haven’t learned from me, they haven’t been referred to me.  I am grateful for those who continue to support me and believe in what I can help them with.

So remember, determine what your level of success is.  Stop comparing yourself to your competitors, and bring the value, the relationship, the honesty, the trust, to your market.  I know that you can achieve success based on what you want to achieve.

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