Learn the Basics

We live in a world of technology and social media is one of the BIGGEST elements.  As business owners, we have an opportunity to use social media to build a business BUT it is more overwhelming for most than easy.  With the differences between the web version and the App versions, with the many changes that occur almost daily, we can give up and just forget about social media.  BUT you can’t!!  You need social media, it is where we are at and will only get bigger!!

It is important that you learn the basics of how to build your business online, how to create a presence.  When you understand the basics and master them, then you only have to adapt to the changes that will continually happen.  When we talk about the basics, we are referring to HOW you use social media.

You want to use social media to talk to people, to build relationships, to get your products/services out there, to showcase your personality, to learn, to be inspired, to be motivated by others.  Yes, this may sound overwhelming, however, it does encompass the basics.  What I mean, is knowing how to post, how to comment, how to interact.  Imagine, doing these 3 main elements and it leading you to potential clients, referrals, friendships, mentors and so much more.

Now, I am not saying this is all you need to know how to do, BUT if you do know these main elements, then you master them and learn the other pieces as you build.

The BEST way to learn, is to do it over and over again.  It is okay to make a mistake because there is a delete button.  Hands-on, personally, is the easiest way to learn, visually seeing what you are doing and the impact is how we grow.

Master the basics and you will start to see a difference in what you are doing in the world of social media.

P.S.  If you want to embrace everything about Facebook, how to understand your privacy settings, your news feed, your personal timeline, groups and business pages, in a step-by-step format, that makes it easier for you to learn, then be sure to check out my FULL Facebook Online Training Combo Package, on SALE till April 30th for ONLY $147+hst!!  This is a video format, that you get to work hands-on with and take your time in learning.  I help YOU to create your presence and understand the world of Facebook.  Check it out HERE!!

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