I hear this all the time “it is overwhelming” and YES, it most definitely is.

Learning Social Media can be hard to understand, with all the different ins and outs that surround each site.  Ultimately, instead of trying to focus on learning ALL of them, focus on mastering one, then branch into a second, third, etc.

Let’s use Facebook as an example (since this is my forte and favourite one lol)

  • Learn how Facebook is laid out
  • Understand what your “home” tab represents/entails
  • Understand your personal profile/timeline
  • Learn about groups if you are a business owner
  • MASTER your business page

EACH one of these elements, combined, will give you great insight into how the world of Facebook works.  NOW, I am not saying you need to master all of this at once, but take one element, per day, and learn everything you can about it.


  • To click a drop down arrow that will appear to the right of something when you hover your mouse over it
  • To post something as there is an “edit” button or “delete” button (just click the drop down arrow to the right of the post)
  • To open up the different tabs you see, or click on them, you will be surprised to see that there is more information available to you, through these
  • To be nosy, it is a great way to learn
  • To ask questions, we all learn at different paces


  • When you receive a friend request of someone you don’t know, CREEP them, make sure you are comfortable with adding them
  • When you see something that comes through your news feed that seems to good to be true, or just doesn’t quite seem right… probably is a scam (check out to find out if it is real or not)

When you take the time to learn Facebook, you might find that you actually enjoy using it and the BEST part, if you are a small business owners, you just might generate some new business.

As a side note:  The web version of Facebook is the “real” version, which means that what you see there, the settings, the options, etc. will not entirely be the same on the Phone Apps.  Plus, depending on the type of phone you have, will determine how your Page Apps function, meaning every phone has a different version of the App.

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