When we think of social media, we have many sites that come to mind, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, however they each have their own target market.

Before you can determine which social media site to focus your time on, you need to understand who makes up your target market.  Once you know, then you want to pick 1-2 social sites to give your most attention to.  For me, it is Facebook!!

Why I love Facebook is because it is truly a “social” site.  It is about connecting, interaction, building relationships, showing who you are on a personal level and with all of that, it can lead to growing your business.

I have found the BEST way to take full advantage of what Facebook can offer me, is to focus on networking within the groups.  I ask questions, share motivational quotes, share tips, interact on other people’s posts, and I get to talk about my business.

My second favourite element of Facebook, is my personal profile.  This is where I get to reach more people than on my business page.  This is where I get to show a side of me, that represents who I am in my personal life.  I get to share my journey for both personal and business, I get to share my excitement, I get to be strategic with my statuses to get my business out there.  I have done random tests on my personal profile and in one case, I received 650 likes on one post, crazy right?

The key for me is to focus on the groups, which in turn will lead to friend requests, which has them seeing my personal statuses and in turn, will lead to my business page.  Who wouldn’t love that formula?

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