Congratulations on taking the next step in understanding how you can market your business on Facebook. Now, you have to know, I am not like the other Social Media people out there. I teach you the value of selling YOU, of branding YOU because as a small business owner, people like to support/buy from those they have built the know/like/trust factor. AND this is what I am helping you to create.

Facebook is a true “social” site, it is a place where we get to focus on building relationships, of personal interaction, of sharing your thoughts, ideas, your journeys. It is a place where we can sell ourselves to other business owners but also to the community.

Throughout this learning experience, I will be teaching a variety of elements that can help you to brand/market yourself in the world of Facebook, however, I will also be sprinkling in some other ideas for you that you can do outside of Facebook, that ultimately you can bring in to this world to get more exposure.

ONLY $19.97 +hst

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