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Tammy helps business owners embrace the world of Facebook through her speaking engagements.  She focuses on what works best for the audience whether it be:

  • Working your business page
  • Networking in the world of Facebook
  • Relationship building



Are you looking to have your employees support you on Facebook, to help your business get more exposure?  Tammy will teach your employees, through a hands-on training session, how to:

  • Understand the world of Facebook for business owners
  • The importance of Facebook for advertising
  • How they can support your business page
  • How they can help to get more visibility on your business page


Tammy has had the opportunity to speak at many types of events.  She has been a guest speaker on Rogers TV, been a Biz Tools Presenter for Company of Women, guest speak at the Giving Back Conference, been on Blog TV, keynote speaker for networking groups and is currently writing for a Women’s magazine.



Tammy Hudgin – Creating Your Presence

Tammy Hudgin spent the last nine years working her direct sales business (no longer involved with direct sales as the company closed their doors) on Facebook and embraced all the elements that were  available to her. One of the most valuable tools that she learned was that you need to sell yourself before you can sell your business. She launched her Facebook Social Media business over four years ago and has trained over 600 business owners on how to work Facebook to build a presence and get their business out there.

Tammy helps additional clients by managing their business pages and offering business page creation / revamp, along with consultations. Tammy has been a regular guest speaker for Rogers TV, spoken at annual conferences, networking meetings, nominated for 6 business awards and has been interviewed on two radio blogs. She is currently writing for a variety of online websites / blogs with her thoughts on using Facebook for business. She embraces everything she learns from those she meets, she continues to be inspired by other business women and looks forward to building more relationships.

  • Working with your Facebook Business Page
  • Networking in the world of Facebook
  • Relationship building

Additional Packages Offered

  • Business Page Creation /  Revamp
  • Business Page Management
  • Facebook Online Training
  • Facebook Group Training Sessions

Find Tammy:

Website: www.TammyHudgin.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/tammyhudgincreating

Email: Tammy@TammyHudgin.com

Phone: 289.231.9173

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