Creating Your Presence Academy

As a small business owner, we are living in a very competitive world in Facebook.  We are all fighting to be seen, to generate business, to build something successful.

We have reached a point where we need to learn more than just Facebook to bring ourselves to another level.  This 6 month Academy is going to do that for you!!  I have brought 5 different elements into the game, which will help you to stand above your competitors, to help you get more visibility, to help you grow.

Feeling overwhelmed?


Understanding the online world to build your business can be very overwhelming. In this 6 month Academy, you will receive all the materials you need to create your presence.


Have you been trying?

You have been playing with Facebook but feeling unsuccessful, stuck?

Not seeing a return on the efforts you have been making?

Through this 6 month program, you will learn: Branding, Facebook, Blogging, Free Opt-ins/Newsletters, Networking and Additional Resources

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Learning all the elements of Facebook to help you build a presence. Personal Timelines, News Feed, Business Pages, Groups, Advertising

Outside of Social Media

You need to go beyond Facebook as it is a very competitive world. Learn about Blogging, Free Opt-Ins, Newsletters, Networking

So Much More…

One-on-one Zoom calls with me. Private Facebook Group for ongoing support, exercises and additional resources.

Pricing options

Monthly Payment Plan of $125 for 5 months = $625 payable via e-transfer

OR pay in full for a discounted price of $525 (SAVE $100)


Email me for more information and to get yourself started TODAY!!!